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A8N-E reports 1GB in BIOS, 512MB in XP?


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In XP control panel it reports my correct processor, but only half of the RAM.


I have:


VS 1GB DDR 400 @ 2.7V

Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester core

ASUS A8N-E mainboard

Chaintech GeForce 6600 PCIeX

Audigy2 ZS Platinum sound

Seagate 250GB SATA HD


System is very unstable and bluescreens constantly, but IS passing Memtest86+ now on all tests. Both sticks are in, slots A1 and B1 black slots.


Ugh...I wish this thing would be solid. The damn RAM is recommended in the ASUS booklet!



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Where exactly are you checking for the memory size in Windows XP? Easiest place to check is in System Properties in the Control Panel. In the lower right corner it'll show the memory size.


Thats where it shows 512mb. Same thing with Sandra 2005...

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This may sound silly but back in the 486 era, I added a wopping 32 meg stick to a 16 meg system, cutting edge at the time, and the bios reported the correct 48 megs of ram but windows only saw 16. Turned out the 32 meg stick wasn't quite all the way down in its slot, even though the side clips were locked in their slots. Removed both sticks, reinstalled and both the bios and windows saw the correct total of ram.
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