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Asus A8V and 4 x CMX512R 3200C2PT


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Hi, I just bought a couple of weeks ago a self made system, and it seams that I have the same problem of compatibility between my ram and my mobo... I tried to set the system as you said 2,5 3 3 6, but no boot with more than one dimm and even in this case it's very unstable, loosing my bios settings every boot. I also tried using some old 3200 dims I had at home, and the system is stable, I could load my OS without any problem...


This is my system:

MB Asus A8V Deluxe rev2.0

4 DIMS of CMX512R 3200C2PT rev1.1

AMD 3800+

Graphic card 3DLabs Wildcat Realizm 100

PSU Emermax Noisetaker 485W

80 Gb boot SATA HD



Pls help!!!!!!

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