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H115i RGB Platinum fan rpm issue


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I purchased this PC recently and it has a H115i RGB Platinum AIO in it, where Fan 1 has been around 1900 RPM all day, and Fan 2 has been roughly 400 RPM ( it varies depending on what's running ) and the pump is around 1900 RPM ( varies depending on what's going on)


The problem appears to be that Fan1 is stuck on 19xx RPM and i'm sure as to why this is happening, bearing in mind this is my first pc build in a long long time so all this cooling business is new to me.


So far i have tried the following:

iCue Software ->

- Fan1/2 + Pump in quiet/balanced/extreme mode ( everything but Fan1 changes RPM)

- Zero RPM - Fan1 doesn't change, Fan2 shuts off to 0 and stops physically spinning

- Making a custom profile to set the fixed RPM option to 500RPM and selecting fan1/2 (Fan1 stays high as a kite, Fan2 seems happy and hits the RPM +/- a few )


- Tried the Forced update in iCue settings for the cooler


- Changing BIOS cpu_fan setting from AUTO to PWM.


Genuinely confused as to what is going on here, but i've set everything to quiet for now ( Fan1 still around 19xx RPM )


Current Temp is 23c


Any insight/help would be greatly appreciated, thank you


Custom: https://imgur.com/u1yrh1Y

Quiet: https://imgur.com/9jaJOa4

Extreme: https://imgur.com/rqPoQp9

Zero: https://imgur.com/00O0bll

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