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How to connect GPU RGB to Commander Pro


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Putting a loop in other PC and only hrydro x part will be the GPU block because I prefer them


Will be using just the Hydro GPU and was wondering how to connect it to the Commander pro? The Pro will only be used as a fan hub ( no RGB on fans ) and basically only RGB will be EK CPU and Distro Block as well as hydro x GPU


I would assume you would need some sort of extension cable. I am not up to scratch on RGB at all

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and for a visual reference....


Red line is RGB Control..




as you can see. in the Corsair Hydro X eco system the RGB is daisy chained. the GPU Block has 2 cables.. an in and an out..


you would connect the in cable to one of the RGB Channels on the Commander Pro..


unfortunately corsair does not sell the RGB extension cables.


you get 4 with Corsairs Pro Lighting strips though.


another option is Pirate Dog Tech which does after market cables..


Pirate Dog Tech Store


you would want the Corsair RGB LED Strip Extension Cable

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