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VOID Elite Wireless (Not sure if faulty)


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Hi guys,


Got VOID Elite Wireless headphones.

When you plug it in, amber light starts up.

Works fine with dongle and with USB cable.

Have it now charging for 29 hours.

Still amber.

iCUE says battery at 100%.

Unplugging USB, headphones die.

Power button does nothing.


Am I doing something wrong not to get it working?

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Thank you for the response.


I opened a ticket.

After I explained my Corsair Void Elite does not switch on when the cable is unplugged, THREE days later I got a response that this is a common problem with the Void Pro's and I should unplug the cable, switch it on and reset it.

I just explained its a Void ELITE and does not work UNPLUGGED.

Support did not even read the ticket.


It is shocking how bad you guys have become.

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I guess your not alone in this. I just got my Void Elite yesterday, and have been charging for over 24 hours, still amber light. It works unplugged from the USB, but not sure for how long, have not been able to test length of usage.


Where do you see the charge capacity in ICUE?



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