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Launch iCUE Dashboard programmatically?


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I've searched and can't find a way to bring up iCUE in the foreground programmatically. Ideally, I'd like a way to hit one of my keyboard's G keys (with or without the Stream Deck software), or a button on the Stream Deck.


I know... "just click the task bar icon and the menu item". I was hoping it could be more automated than that -- a single action to bring it up.

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that would be an excellent feature addition. There are several things icue can do that we still cannot fully control programattically and I suspect many others would appreciate this feature. The below code snippet worked for me, and i suspect may work for you with modification depending on various screen scaling and resolution settings using autohotkey.


global maxWidth:=1920,maxHeight:=1080

iCUETrayShower() {
Click 1791,1080
CoordMode Screen
; [url]www.smithany.com/icuetrayiconpartial.bmp[/url]
ImageSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 0,0, %maxWidth%, %maxHeight%, %BMP%
Click %FoundX%,%FoundY%
CoordMode mouse, Screen
Mousemove 1772,855


this is a poor example, but seems to work for me. That being said, a hotkey or something or even a parameter into the exe would be a nice thing to add - as would profile switching outside the application which Macca_Cool's solution more or less solves that - but a direct method would be nice also. The above requires you to hit windows 9 in order to trigger it

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This brings iCue to the foreground, but starts on the Home tab:

1. Right click on desktop, select New->Shortcut

2. Browse to or type in the name of the icue.exe file.

3. Add quotes to the front and back ends of the file name.

4. At the end, add a space, two hyphens, and "autorun".


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software\iCUE.exe" --autorun

5. Click Next and type a name for your icon, like "iCue Dashboard".

6. Click Finish.

7. If you like, you can Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar.

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