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XD5 Pump Control

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I have my pump setup with the probe in Temp slot 1 in my commander Pro and the xd5 set up for power on port 6.


How do I get control of the pump to speed it up or down?


It keeps telling me to put the temperture sensor for my XD3 , but I don't have an XD3 I have an XD5 and the temp sensor is in port 1 like its asked for it to be.


"This performacne setting is intended for use with Corsair Hydro X Series Water Cooling components.


In order for this cooling mode to function please insert the temperture sensor from your corsair XD3 pump / Reservoir combo into TEMP1 on the COMMANDER PRO"


Is my commander pro just broken?

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Yes, the message is always there.

Hydro X profiles rely on the temperature data from temp slot 1 so it's crucial that the correct temperature probe (reading coolant temperature) is connected. For the software, it's not possible to differentiate from which temperature probe it's reading.

Once you've checked that temp slot 1 is connected to the temperature sensor in pump reporting coolant temperature you can ignore the message.


As for the message about the XD3 pump/res unit. It's a typo and it will be updated in the upcoming iCUE version.


Here is a video on how to set up the Hydro X profiles in iCUE.


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No, that message is always there. It's confusing but don't worry about it.


You may, however, need to set the port that the pump is on to 4-pin. Can you monitor the pump speed? Have you set a custom curve for the pump?


I have the pump hooked up to the port 6 like the Hydro Series Tutorial asked me to do. I also set a few custom curves to get the air bubbles out, and finally set one for just every day use.


So good then seems like I've done everything correct. Excellent. I appreciate it.


Now I just need a few more fittings to get here so I can fix the loop and make it more pleasing to my eyes. Then I will finish the wire management and take some photos.

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