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First time Corsair builder here,

Really enjoyed the quality of hardware and execution of design and application

in other words this Corsair stuff is well thought out


10/10 would do again




Corsair accessories load-out:


Case Obsidian 500D


ML120 Pro Fans

XR5 360 Radiator

XR5 240 Radiator


XG7 GPU water block

XC7 CPU water block

XD5 Pump


Corsair RM850x Power supply

Corsair DRAM


Corsair ST100 RGB Headphone Stand

Corsair Virtuoso SE Headphones



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That looks really nice man. Well done.


I worked as slowly as I possibly could stand...

I was terrified to miss something or skip a proper step

the good news is it booted right up and works like a charm !


it's fast a ***** !

I can get about 150 frames on any game I try - and that is new

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