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Obsidian 550d front fan case modding question.


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Hi, this might be an oddball since it's a very old case, but for my specific interest and after too much case reviewing I found this one is pretty much exactly what I could hope for and need. It has a very resonable size, 8 expansion slots, modular design, silent, tool less operation and so forth, except for the front fans. With today's cpus and gpu's (esp. if you are stacking them), I'm pretty sure stock fans can't really cut it when you start doing something that utilizes all gpu's at once.


That said, has anyone ever tried modding the front of the case to fit 140mm fans? I understand there is a bit of a cramped space because the upper fan is cutting into the drive tray, but still I need to ask. Has anyone done it with drilling additional holes or whatever to fit something stronger?

Thank you..

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