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Neutron GTX delays power-up for 5-10 seconds


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I bought a not heavily used Neutron GTX 120 GB. I use it in a Vantec USB 3.0 external enclosure to run Devuan Linux. The SSD is nice, but it's got one quirk. When I power-up, I must wait 5-10 seconds between pressing Esc and F9 (this is on an HP laptop) because the SSD does not power-up immediately. I must wait until I see the blue lights on the enclosure before pressing F9. At first I thought the enclosure was faulty, but I switched enclosures and nothing changed. I've used Intel, Crucial, Toshiba, Mushkin, Samsung, and other SSDs I've forgotten, all with Linux via external enclosures, and never seen this behavior.


I don't believe there's newer firmware than the current M311. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


1) Has anyone else seen this behavior? Were you able to mitigate it?


2) I ask that Corsair support add this bug to their list for the next version of firmware.

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