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ICUE Software is not picking up H150i PRO


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Just broughgt a H150i Pro cooler for my new build to keep my AMD 3700x as cool as possible. it all works great, but the cooler is not being seen by iCUE, which I think is at fault.


After doing some reseach, I have plugged a normal USB cable from the cooler to the rear back panel of the motherboard and it works fine (Both 2.0 and 3.2 usb). Plug it into an external front panel that connects via the motherboard internal usb 3.2 hub and it doesn't work.


Plug into a usb 2.0 hub internally via the cable supplied, it doesn't work.


So I resinstalled the drivers, doesn't work.


So then i removed all software and installed Corsair Link v4.9.7.35, and guess what? It found the driver and installed it properly... Great I thought, I had soved the riddle. Until I reboot the machine and driver failed again.


So I installed Corsair Link, which worked great again, but this time before rebooting, I installed iCUE and once again it killed my driver and the device became once again became "unknown" to the device manager or words to that effect.


So in summary, it's great and works 100% if I plug it to either 2.0 or 3.2 USB port on the back of the PC.


It doesnt work if I connect it to a USB 2.0 or 3.2 port via a cable internally to a motherboard USB hub 2.0.


Corsair Link v4.9.7.35 works great and installs the drivers until reboot.


iCUE software is about as useful as pogo sticking, whilst blind folded in a mine field. However, it works great for my Corsair keyboard.


Any ideas, that doesnt involve "the lead is broken" asa it is not, as it works fine with the Link software, until it reboots.


Thanks for your help in advance.


EDIT: Yes, I checked my bios to make sure legacy usb support was enable for USB 2.0, which actually did improve things, but not to the point of it actually working.

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Okay, it was a faulty lead, but it was not faulty. The lead had been manufacture to a USB 1.0 confirguration.








1 = USB 1 connectors - Shouldn't be in use.

2 = USB 2 connectors

R = Red wire (or is it white?) lead for USB 2.0

B = Black wire for USB 2.0

X = Missing pin/Blocked

U = Pin left open/not covered/not used.


This could be the reason why so many people are having problems. The company that produced the lead for corsair just didn't manfactured it properly.


There are two ways to solve this problem.


1) shave the USB connector that fits onto the usb 2.0 port onto the motherboard into a 1x4 connector so that you can put the connector into the right postion.


2) By a lead that was manufatored properly.


But all is working properly now.

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