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I need your help choosing memory compatibility for TRX40 Designare


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Hey Everybody !

First of all i must apology for my english i know it isnt perfect but ill do my best.

I'm about to get an TRX40 Designare as motherboard for RT 3970X system but I have questions about memory compatibility.


Im building PC workstation for Music Production mailny (FILM MUSIC) I'd need to install 256GB memory in total, if im not wrong this means I'd have to get 8X 32GB memory sticks. I would like to use VENGEANCE LPX 256GB (8 x 32GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 and here is my question is this will be work good with TRX40 Designare?


Maybe somebody here can show me better options to do this? Some diffrent memory ??


I will be very gratefull for Your advice and help



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Hi there!


That kit is a good fit for that board, TRX40 is a very capable platform and should handle that amount of memory at that rated speed just fine (don't forget to set XMP in BIOS to get the 3200MHz if you weren't already aware).


Out of curiosity, how much RAM do your projects typically use when rendering? I've got 128GB (2666MHz) on my first generation Threadripper system and regularly see usage up to about 90GB for my smaller video projects.

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I'm very sorry for my late answer, but I had some issues.


I want to thank you very much for your answer and your help @Corsair CJ. If you recommend this memory to me, I will decide on it. Threadripper 3970x only supports up to 3200 mhz, so I think it will be the best choice. I've considered G skill Ripjaws V, but they don't have 2x32gb memory in their offer and buying 8x32 is quite risky in both cases.


I'm working with orchestral contact player libraries which already require a lot of RAM and as you know everything is developing so i supposed to be an good investment for the future.


I think I will decide on 4 X 64 gb (2x32) Vengeance LPX sets in case one of them should break down, so that I won't be left without a memory during the complaint.


Is it a good idea?


Thank you very much once again for your answer and help

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