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H100i Platinum - One Fan RPM Low


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Hello all!


I have a i7-9700 with a Asus Prime Z390P mobo , and I replaced the stock cooler with the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum. I've observed an abnormal behaviour with my cooler:


Fan #1's RPM is normal, but Fan #2's RPM is half of Fan #2. Example is when #1 is 10xx RPM while #2 is 5xx RPM, and I can't get even get #2 to get past (which is like around 1600). Until I find a solution, I had to manually adjust the speed with iCUE, which it didn't really fix the problem. I went to the store to get a new ML120 RGB fan for #2, only to see the exact same thing, no fix! Going to buy GTAV soon and the last thing I want is my CPU getting a high fever.



Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


Have a great day/evening depending on your timezone! ;)


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