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RM750X makes occasional noise/on shutdown, normal or not?


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I'm asking about a strange noise from my RM750X PSU.

The noise kind of sounds like a chirp or beep (it does not sound like it is supposed to be an actual beep), something like "tsiii" if I were to spell it out. I have a sound file where you can perhaps hear it.

If I were to compare it to a noise one might know, it sounds somewhat similar to the noise some optical drives make when spinning up. The PC does not have an optical drive, so that's not it.


This noise occurs infrequently and randomly, both under load and at idle. About 0-3 times a day, with no apparent pattern.

It doesn't always sound the same if it occurs during runtime, it is sometimes quieter, but that might just be a fan or something obstructing the noise.

I haven't been able to reproduce it because of this with one exception: It always occurs on shutdown, just before the relais clicks. Basically, shutdown always goes: *TSIIIii* *click*.

That's what I have recorded in the attached file (had to zip it so I can upload mp3). The noise can be heard at around 10s, just before the click. You probably have to turn up the volume quite a bit. It is much more noticeable in person, my phone probably just doesn't pick it up too well.


So my guess as to what this is:

I'm assuming that this is a noise from some power smoothing or regulating component, perhaps a brief burst of coil whine of sorts that is related to sudden surges (or drops) in power.

Basically, I'm thinking that the random timing is some other device in the house being turned on/off, causing a sudden change in power, and some PSU component briefly whines when it smoothes out this change.

Something similar happens when the PC is powering down, so that's why it is audible there aswell.

That'd explain why it is random and nonreproduceable and why it occurs under load and idle, that's my best guess.

That's why I'm asking if this is normal, if this is indeed what's causing it, then it'd just be the PSU functioning as intended and my power being a bit wonky.



A caveat, I am pretty sure it is coming from the PSU, but it could be from somewhere else. Since it's just a single, short, high-pitched sound, it's not easy to pinpoint. If anyone has any idea what other component this could be, that would also be appreciated. I suspected the HDD initially, but I wasn't able to reproduce it by spinning that up and down, but maybe some program was interfering with my trying.


I haven't been able to find anything, if I search around I get a lot of questions about coil whine or the click in general, kind of hard to filter those questions out.


So my question basically is: Is this normal? Can anyone confirm or deny my suspicions?


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