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2700 ValueSelect 1GB kit


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Alrighty. So I just purchased a pc 2700 valueselect 1gb ram kit (2 512mb sticks) and am having some difficulty.


First things first. I am running an Abit KX7-333 motherboard with an Athlon 2000+.


I currently have a Samsung PC2700 ram stick installed in my computer. With all three sticks installed I have been getting memory exception errors with several programs. From Internet Explorer to World of Warcraft (a game). With only one of the new 512 sticks installed everything runs fine and dandy.


My question is this: Will I be unable to keep all three sticks installed at the same time? Or do they need to be installed in a certain order? All three are the same speed and size, they are simply from different manufacturors. Does that mean I can't use them all? Could it be that one of my sticks is faulty(I haven't done very extensive testing yet)?


Thanks for your help and I apologize if this is a repost.

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I actually figured out the problem :) I had the two new corsair chips in slots 1&2 and the samsung in slot 3. Silly me. Because it's a dual channel motherboard, they needed to be identical in slots 1&3, so when I moved the corsair to those slots and the Samsung to slot 2 it works like a charm :) Yay.
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