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iCUE - Pixel Coordinate Tool?


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I'm having a problem with the iCUE Macro ... I use a Glaive and I wanted to put it to click on specific points on my screen, however, because I use 3 screens, it ends up losing a reference pixel and when it will loop the process , it ends up failing and clicking in the wrong place that has nothing to do!


I looked for a way to manually put the coordinates in the program, but I don't think so! There is no tool for me to go there and click on the right point and identify the coordinate himself?


Sorry for Google Translate: '(


EDIT: I recorded the problem, but I noticed in the recording that the X coordinate in the program I am using to get the coordinates was negative! Maybe because it is on the secondary monitor (to the left of the primary) then I will record another video on the primary and try! E NOTE: It is not possible to place a NEGATIVE coordinate in iCue ...





EDIT: Same problem in Main Screen :/ [ame]

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