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Icue does not recognize node pro


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Hello, I'm new here.

So, I set up my pc this week and I had a frustration with my RGB :/

Beside what my hardware info says Ive got 3 extra LL120 fans in my case, 5 total including the ones in the AIO ( 2LL 120).

When I first turned on the pc everithing was working in rainbow mode, until I run the Icue software, then the RGB of 3 LL120 connected to the hub stopped working.

Icue recognized my keybord, my h100i SE and its 2 LL fans (this fans RGB are connected to the AIO, not to the same hub as the other 3 LL), vengeance pro, my asus motherboard and my case (which is connected to the node pro if i'm not mistaken).

I've tried a lot of things.. update bios and firmware, update windows, change the usb port in motherboard, uninstall and install icue like 10 times and the problem persist. When I unnistall Icue and restart my pc the rainbow effect comes back.

I've tried using link aswell and then it does not recognize node pro, nor vengeance rgb nor the AIO and keybord. It just recognize my led stripe in the case and 1 fan (i dont know if it is node pro working or not) then i have the option to add more fans, when i do this i can control the 3 ll fans but not the rest.

I don't know what to do anymore..

Sorry for my bad english (I'm brazilian).

I will appreciate any help.

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