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PC3200 Value Series problem


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I have this situations:


1 - slot 1 and slot 3 = System dont turn on

2 - slot 2 and slot 4 = BSOD's on windows xp setup

3 - slot 1 and slot 2 = System runnig fine


The first and second cases are when dual channel works, the third is single chanel.


i using stock options only, no oc.


my question is:

i can run my system using dual channel with the Value Series ?

or there any BIOS config that i can try ?




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first try to get the board booting with one dimm , placed in a slot of preference, memtest it , set up in the bios the correct timings 3-4-4-8 and 2.7 volts is fine. if that dimm runs through the memtest, repalce it with the second dimm to see if that one has errors. you could also test some dimm slots on the mobo to see the problem isn't there. If both dimms are working fine I would suggest a bios update to the latest stable bios for your board which is 310 release which promises enhanced ram compatability :D: .
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