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iCue issues with Void Pro Wireless


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So I have a corsair void pro wireless, works great, except one thing that I cannot find a solution for.


Every single time I turn it on it says, mic off, then the mic stays red. it works still, no sidetone (not that I care) and people can hear me like it's unmuted, I swing the mic boom up and it mutes, but NEVER unmutes. I can press the mute button on the side, doesn't unmute.


Now here's the weird part, the moment I close out iCue and it works fine, sidetone, mute, unmute, everything. I've tried to force a firmware update, I've tried to uninstall and reinstall iCue, I've tried an older version... nothing seems to fix it.


I'd use it without the software except for the fact that I also have corsair ram with RGB and the scimitar which loses it's mind and all my settings when I turn off iCue.


any ideas or solutions? I'm almost at the point where I want to reinstall windows just to see if that will fix it

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