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Wiring diagram Help


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I have tried browsing through some of the wiring diagrams but im still a little confused. Most of the diagrams dont address the Hydro X system with more than 6 fans and mulitple led strips.


Here is what i have:


Corsair HX850i Power Supply


8 QL Fans 3 front, 2 pull radiator, 2 push radiator, 1 back of case


I have 2 RGB LED lighting pro strips ( though i dont know if i really need both)


Hydro X XC7 CPU block - Has RGB

Hydro X XD5 Pump - Has RGB


4 thermal temps-came with Com Pro

1 coolant temp- for XD5 Pump




I have the Corsair 680X case


The case came with a lighting node pro & lighting node core( i believe)


I bought 2 Commander Pro's (on accident) and another RGB hub

I also have 2 more lighting node core.



From what I understand, There are numerous ways to hook all this up depending on what smart devices I have. I just dont what is going to be the best and easiest. Any help is appreciated.




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The case comes with a Lighting Node Pro and RGB Fan LED Hub. The Lighting Node Core comes with the QL-RGB fans.

What I'd look at is:

Commander Pro

- Ch1: RGB Fan LED Hub + 5 QL Fans (Radiator + Rear)

- Ch2: HydroX RGB

Lighting Node Pro

- Ch1: 3 QL Fans (Front)

- Ch2: 2 Strips (Are you sure you have the right ones? They come in 4 packs)


Put the pump thermistor in the CoPro as well as the other 3. Place them around the case - hard to exactly where right now.


For the fans - get 1 powered PWM Hub. This is for the 4 QL Fans on the radiator. They all need to be the same speed so this works well. Connect this to the CoPro as well as the other 4 fans and the pump. Make sure that you specify 4-pin/PWM for both the PWM hub and the Pump.

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