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Bad CMSS512MB-100 module?


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About two months ago, I purchased a 512 MB SDRAM chip from newegg.com.


It's a CMSS512MB-100 [512 MB SDRAM PC100]


I have recently had the time to try adding it to a PCchips m830UL motherboard. The system has a 950 MHz Athlon XP and a 256 MB SDRAM PC100 chip. It has been running fine for over a year.


After adding the 512 MB chip, I get a Blue Screen of Death STOP 0x50 error.


If I take the new 512 MB chip out (leaving the 256 in), the computer boots normally with no problem.


With the 512 in I can enter Safe Mode - but not with Network and not normal mode.


If I try the 512 by itself, it BSOD's.


I've ran Memtest-86 v3.2 against the 256 MB chip for 8 passes with no errors.


I'm currently running tests againt the 512 MB chip and it's already seeing 988 errors at the 95.8 MB range in the first pass.


The only other computer I have to try the memory in is the same setup as the first one I'm working with - same motherboard and existing RAM. I tried the 512 MB chip in that one before running the memory tests on the first one and get the same BSOD.


I'm tending to believe that the chip may be bad. Since it's past the 30 days from when I bought it, I was wondering if I could get it replaced through the warranty.


Thanks for any help.



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