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Bad 2100 + 2400 Sticks?


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Hello, I had 2 Sticks of Ram giving me Issues. I have tested the Sticks in Various configurations, and here is my Observations of Each Stick:


1x XMS 2400 (CM64SD256-2400C2)


This Stick of Memory will Post, but will not load Windows 2000 / XP in 3 Different Hardware Setups. Also when Installing Windows 2000, I got several IRQL_Not_Less or Similar Messages, that were not Resolved, until I switched out Said Ram for the Other Stick, That works Flawlessly.


1x PC2100 (CM64SD256-2100)


This Stick of Ram, Will not Post, and when Installed (Single, or with another Stick) Gives a 1 Second Long Beep, 1 Sec. Pause, and Been Again. No Video comes up @ this Time Either, and over a Few Hardware / Mobo Configs, I had the Same Experience.


I'm not sure If I can do Any other Testing as I have yet to load a stable OS w/ these sticks installed in Any machine, but I can surely attest how happy I was when I could Install windows 2000 with the Other Stick of 2400 I have had for 2 years :)


*-* Update *-*


Ran Memtest on the Bad 2400 Stick, and I got 27000+ Errors in less then 2 Minutes, Test #2 is where the Slew of Errors came up. My Other 2400 (Functional Stick) Ram the MemTest for 3 hours w/ No Errors.

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Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


Thank you, I'm just waiting for my RMA # to come in, and me to be back @ home, as I'm out of Town Atm. Filled out the Online Form.

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