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Corsair SFX Power Supplies But No New Corsair SFX Mini-Itx Cases


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Now that we have Corsair SFX power supplies and Corsair RGB lighting controls, this would be the perfect opportunity to sell upgraded or new Corsair Mini-Itx Cases. :biggrin:


My two criticism about the 380T:

1. The case was too tall without any benefits that come with it. You want to put a 120mm AiO cooler as the exhaust? No can do since the thick roof comes down right above the exhaust fan making it for fan use only and limiting the amount of CPU coolers you can use.

2. The lighting for the models was very strict. You want to do a black and blue Intel theme? No, only Black and red theme. What about an Nvidia green and white? No, only white and black theme.


With the SFX power supply and the RGB hype from Corsair both of these problems would now be fixed. The extra space from making it an SFX power supply only could be used to install a Corsair h60 AiO cooler as exhaust, or a Corsair A500 CPU Cooler. This case also badly needed RGB lighting for the black or white model which can now be implemented more cleanly.


I really liked the 250D, but I don't think it would do well now with the lack of interest in optical drives or even hard drives over SSD. I think a new Corsair thin case (Fractal Node 202 style), or mini-itx tower would probably sell better.


You folks are free to take any of these fixes or suggestions, but just please give us a new Corsair Mini-Itx case that isn't a strict pre-build system.


It really saddens me that the strict Corsair One pre-build is the last thing we got after such cool designs like the 380T and 250D for Mini-Itx from you folks. :[pouts:

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