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iCUE just doesn´t work. Corsair ? Never again in current state.


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I recently switched from a Razer Mouse and a Logitech Keyboard to a Corsair IronClaw and K57.



So after installing iCUE i immediatly saw how bad both products in combination with the software are.



.) K57 : Differnt modi operandi depending on using the keyboard via Slipstream/USB/Bluetooth


.) K57/Ironclaw : Differnt RGB options depending on using the keyboard via Slipstream/USB/Bluetooth


.) Ironclaw : Connection to iCUE will be lost completly on random occations (Slipstream/Bluetooth)


.) Ironclaw : Hardware-Profile is dependend on running iCUE on the PC (WTF???)


.) Ironclaw : Side-Buttons just stop working randomly


.) K57/Ironclaw : The devices need seperate USB-Receivers



I really tried, but i am not able to solve any of the issues above.



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You are never going to have the same options with BT as you do with USB or a dedicated receiver. That is the limit of the technology. BT is better left for set-ups with greater distance and no specific need to tweak with settings daily.


Both are wireless products so battery life is key to viability. To that end, some features are not going to be available in wireless mode. The 10 light change per second profile won't help with the battery life goal. I suppose they could remove those options entirely, but likely thought users would like to have it them when plugged in, at least as an option.


Side buttons - Go to your Windows Settings -> Apps and left click on Corsair iCUE. Follow the prompts for modify and do a repair installation. This should not happen, but occasional does.


The random disconnects are a problem and it is something being worked on. The devices should not need separate receivers. That is part of the Slipstream tech. I am not sure if this is up live for public release yet, but you might be interested in the BETA release. I had reliable connections for both when using it.



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