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Help with HS60 Pro Surround Mic

Human Bean

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Hello! I've been having trouble with the microphone. I'm using the USB dongle that comes with the headset, and the apps can find the headphones perfectly fine - but not the mic. I read the stickies and a bunch of other articles, but I couldn't find one with this exact problem.


The mic is in Sounds, but just doesn't receive audio, nor is it recognized in any apps. I can set "CORSAIR HS60 PRO SURROUND" as the microphone, but it just plays headphone audio as mic sound. The microphone is in Sounds, and device manager, but apps refuse to recognize it, and Sounds says it doesn't send audio (when it should). I've updated drivers, installed iCUE, troubleshot from windows sound settings, I've tried all I can! It just doesn't work - please help me.

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