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CX750M Burnt


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Hello all, so, there I was playing Wolcen late last night and just as I was about to land another cataclysmic blow on a baddie, everything goes black.


What followed was a whiff of something that was clearly scorched and sticking my nose next to the PSU revealed something was definitely not ok. No other components *seem* to have been affected, though I have no other 750w units on hand to verify. The only thing I can verify is that the PSU will not work no matter the computer it's attached to.


Now, having said that, make note that the board itself seems to be getting power, signified by the power LED on the board being lit, but the system will not power on.


So, I'm theorizing that the low voltage is still intact but the rest is fried. Does this sound reasonable?


Also, causal inspection didn't reveal any obvious scorched components, casual here meaning the little "Void Warranty if this is Removed" sticker is still intact.


I've already filed an RMA request earlier this morning.


Thoughts and questions: This doesn't seem like intended behavior nor the result of "normal wear and tear" as I would've expected the unit to have shut itself off before certain load/temperature tolerances were exceeded producing what I just described. This strikes me as a faulty component not preventing what it should be. Or maybe it was a fuse?... But if it's a fuse, would that not result the low voltage being 86'd as well?


Am I wrong in thinking that this is covered by the warranty?


Continuing, if system components turn out to be damaged from the PSU failing, will Corsair cover the cost of the components damaged by the faulty PSU?


I've had the unit for roughly 4 years of the 5 year warranty that's available and up until now I've had no complaints, it's a great unit. If someone can give me some peace of mind I would be incredibly grateful.



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