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My XMS 3500 Stopped working!


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Hi all,


I tried to boot my system this morning and it would not boot. After much trials I have narrowed it down to one stick of XMS3500 256mb (XMS 3502v1.1). With all different configurations my system boots as soon as I put this memory back in no boot! All worked fine last night!


This is both with it on its own or as I used it before with another stick of the same memory in dual channel. I have also tried it in a different boards and with a different CPU again no joy. How do I RMA this item I believe it is covered by the life time warranty.



DFI NF4 Ultra D



OCZ 520 Watt

Win XP Pro

1x Corsair XMS 3500 v1.1 should be 2x!!!!!!!!!!!!

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