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Corsair Virtuoso SE with ModMic USB is it possible?


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Hey there,


I really like the Corsair Virtuoso SE, but the microphone.. That's a whole another story... Let's say not a big fan of it.


So here is my crazy idea I want to buy Antlion Audio ModMic USB https://antlionaudio.com/products/modmic-usb shorten the cable and plug it directly to Virtuoso SE Mini-B USB with a USB-A to USB Mini-B converter..


The main question is, will it work? or does the corsair virtuoso microphone using some kind of proprietary connector/technology. Because from my understanding it would need to transfer the microphone audio through the headset as it does right now either way.


I know there is ModMic Wireless, but it's about 12HR's of use and adding another device to recharging is something I want to avoid.


Maybe someone has a USB microphone and a USB-A to USB Mini-B converter willing to try plug it to their headset and see if it works?

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