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trouble with hydrox configurator


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Hello folks,


I want to build a hydro series watercooling and my motherboard (msi z97 mpower) isn't displayed in the configurator neither my proc, so i wish you could help me to choose some stuf.


so i used for the configurator:


-case: corsair crystal 680X white


-motherboard: msi z270xpowergaming titanium (mine is msi z97 mpower)


-proc: intel core i7-7700k (mine is i7-4790K socket 1150)


-gpu: msi Rtx 2080 gaming x trio



-I guess for cpu: Hydro X Series XC7 RGB CPU Water Block (115X/AM4)


i know it existed in aluminium color, but i find only the black one, if i wait will it be avalaible again ?


-it says there is non for my gpu, but i find some from otherbrand but i'm affraid it won't fit icue and not wich one is for the "normal" 2080 not TI, not SUPER etc.


-for the pump (XD5 RGB) they put it outside the case because it does not display the fact i can verticaly mount the gpu.


-for the tubes do i have to take the hard tube or normal ones ? (i would like to get the tube straights (visual personal opinion)




I would also put a radiator on the top and bottom of the pc with 2 LL ventilator on them. with the 3 of the front of the case. how many corsair controllers do i need to control all of those ?



is this a legit mapping ? can it be improved to use less components ?






i would like to get something like this:




or like this:





thanks for reading and for your help, I'll be really grateful <3

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For the 680x, you most likely put the pump/reservoir combo in the back compartment of the case. There is a lot of room back there and a clear place away from the PSU to mount it.


1 Commander Pro will control the CPU/GPU/Pump-Res lighting on one channel (daisy chained). The 6-7 LL fans go on the other lighting channel. The trick here is the RGB Lighting Hubs only have slots for 6 fans. It would be inconvenient to run an entire extra lighting hub and controller for 1 fan, so the better option would be to get a lighting splitter specially made for the fans. That will make 2 fans act like 1 in sequence. Maybe get 2 so you can run the top and bottom radiator fans as lighting pairs.


The Commander Pro will also handle the 7 fans speed control. Two (or more) will go on a splitter. That uses 5 of the 6 fan connectors. #6 is for the PWM control for the pump.


For what you are attempting, I think the best configuration is 2x280mm radiators, top and bottom. You will run the case in standard air flow format, front/bottom intake, top/rear exhaust. Surprisingly, I get better results with that than both top/bottom rads as intake and front/rear exhaust. That would likely be a non-starter for you since it would require reversing the front fans.


The unknown element is your GPU. The Trio series are long and this case is not. Moreover, I am not sure the Corsair block is compatible with these extra long ones. I'll wait for someone else to confirm, but you might want to look for other blocks that do support that GPU, but are also D-RGB addressable (5v). That theoretically could be run back into the CUE system.

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Hello c-attack


thanks for your support :)


-i did not notice there was splitter for the rgb in the Zotty schemes :/

So basically you can split power and rgb.


-That's the airflow i wanted to create, the heat is most likely going from bottom to top.


-I am confused about radiator sizes, when you take for example a 280mm

are the 280mm







here ?


-So if i take any brand GPU waterblock D-RGB adressable (5v) it can be driven by icue ?


oh and by the way, does the radiators and pumps come with corks, or do we need to buy something to plug the holes ?


Thank you for your help :)

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Fan motor power and lighting power are split on Corsair and most other RGB fans. The RGB power draw has become fairly substantial and more than double the motor current when at full white.


It might still be possible to to put the pump/reservoir in the main chamber with a GPU vertical mount. However, this depends substantially on the GPU block shape and its going to be a millimeter perfect kind of thing with the longer card. As an owner of the sibling 740 case with the same interior and the owner of water cooled GPU that is way too long, I think it will looked cramped. I rather like the reservoir n the back and it makes the interior look very clean and symmetrical.


There are 3rd party adapters for several other common 5v RGB connectors that will let you plug into a Corsair device. There is no official support for this, but I have been using it several different ones for quite a while since before there was a Hydro X program.


These non-standard triple fan GPUs have far fewer blocks available. That is the first thing I would try and find.


I am not sure what you are asking about the radiators. I would put 1x280mm on the bottom of the case and another 280mm radiator at the top. Fans can go on either side, although on the interior will be the quietest. 2x280mm radiators is a cooling upgrade from 2x240 and should let you run lower fan speeds. I can run this exact set-up with a 8700K@5Ghz+ and 2080 Ti@400W and the coolant temps are still good, peaking at 10-12C+ above ambient at 1200rpm or below. 240mm radiators give you more room for tubing on the ends, but I think you will need higher fan speeds to offset the loss in surface area. With your long GPU, you will not be able to use a radiator on the front rail, but ultimately the new block length will be a bit shorter. Good thing, I am not sure the air cooled version fits at all.

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