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[ISSUE] iCUE vs. LINK Sensors / RPM


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Hello Corshair Team, hello Cummunity !



I wanted to report / ask for a issue between the iCUE Software and the LINK Software.


At the Moment I use a lot non Corsair Hardware because it was a gift. I plan to replace a lot of FANs because the Corsair look much better and the RGB Features are incredibly better.


But till yet, I am facing an Issue that has nothing to do with the Hardware. It´s an issue (or missing/unmatching Feature) with the iCUE/LINK Software.


Before I explain, let me show you my Hardware:


My Hardware is a AORUS Z390 Master Mainboard (BIOS F10) with a Intel 9900K and a AORUS 2080ti Extreme Waterforce 11G. For cooling in use is a Deepcool Castle 360v2 AIO + the AIO of the Graphics Card.


- For the Deepcool AIO I use the stock Fans (3xCF120) connected to the CPU Mainboard Header via the included Deepcool Hub.


- For the AORUS Waterforce I replaced the Stock FANs with 2xDeepcool CF120 Fans because of optical reasons. Connected directly to the Graphics Board (same like the Stock FANs)


- 2 additional Deepcool CF140 Fans are Connected via a Hub to the Mainboard CPU OPT Header.


Now to the "issue"/missing Feature(s):


I love the iCUE and the LINK Software and I don´t care, what of both Softwares I use. The LINK Software is great for optical reasons, in special, with a picture of my case in the background, all Sensors placed where they are in real.


The iCUE Dashboard is more detailed, smaller, shorter overview of everything in place.


I love both but both are not 100% ideal:


- LINK shows CPU LOAD + TEMP, also GPU TEMP but not the GPU Load (!)

- Both (iCUE and LINK) are not showing GPU load (I don´t care, only a hint, but interesting for temperatures)

- Both are also not showing the Memory (RAM) Load (hint too)

- iCUE is showing RPM of both GPU AIO Fans (very good !) (RPM of every single FAN!)

- LINK is NOT showing any RPM of ANY GPU AIO Fans (NoGo!)

- iCUE is showing the correct RPM of any connected FAN, every single FAN and especially the HUB connected FANs. In this case (for example) shows 1000rpm, LINK shows 3000rpm (because there are 3 FANs connectes via a HUB). But it´s still confusing because for my knowledge only one HUB Port has a single RPM Signal Report port. (cofirmed by connecting no FAN at Port1, Signal was 0rpm).


Signals and Reporting between this both Softwares is totaly different and still not perfect. This doesn´t match to the perfect Hardware you deliver. I am wondering what happens, if I replace all the Deepcool FANs and HUBs to Corshair.


I think that will not change the "issue", that one Software is showinf the RPM of the GPU AIO and the other is not. Or that one Software is multipl. the RPM and the otehr is not.


What happens if I buy 2 Corshair Hubs ? Using one for CPU, one for the CASE Fans... Do they multibl. too or do they show every FAN (or only one FAN but with correct RPM).


And, a hint (like above), Corsair has the best (optical) FANs, lets make the best software too to blow up the marked.


Hope you understand and also can help me with the "measurement"/Sensor issues :)


Feel free to contact me via eMail for testing !



Marco (zEtTlAh)


P.S. sry, no native eng. speaker :)

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First and foremost - Link is End-of-Life. It's not been updated for a year or so and will not be updated moving forward. So any newer hardware won't be "seen" or recognized.


Second - reading sensors from non-Corsair devices can be tricky. iCUE and Link both rely on versions of CPUID SDK - Link's version, however, is a year or more old and not updated. So iCUE will likely have more sensors and more accurate values.


Readings that would come from the Commander Pro, on the other hand, are read natively by iCUE. I'm not sure why you'd need two, however.

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Good Morning,


thanks for your answer. I didn´t know LINK is EOL :( Such a cool locking Software !


I hope there will be an Update for iCUE that can read more GPU Data like the Memory/GPU Load. Till here it´s very cool, that it can already read the RPM of the build in AIO because it´s connected to the Card, not to the Mainboard, very good !


Because of the HUBs... I use two because the AIO FANs are 120mm and the Case FANs are 140mm, so they have different RPMs. It´s more easy to adjust them if they are connected to different Mainboard ports :)


I think my next step will be to replace this HUBs with the Corsair Pro HUB to see if it can handle that :) Later I will replace the FANs to Corsair ones, because they are much better :)


Thanks again for your help !

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