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My son had a pretty cheap mech rgb keyboard and so I decided to purchase a Corsair K65 Lux for him.


The issue is that he got so used to the RGB effect on the cheap keyboard that he wants similar on the Corsair but I cant see how to do it.


The old keyboard had a Random setting where each key had its own random colour effect which he could change the speed of .


I tried to setup the same in Icue where I put every key onto rainbow spiral and while I was doing it it seemed to be working well

the issue was when I restarted all the keys had the same colour so I assume that when I was editing them they were out of synch but when I restarted they all started with the same colour.


I must admit to being amazed that this is not a standard option on an expensive keyboard but as it's not is there any way I can acheieve this look



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Can't be 100% sure of the effect you are describing, but you might have made it more complicated than necessary. That's easy to do with CUE 3 and the lighting customization is near endless.


You can use any base layer you like (single static color, rainbow wave, etc). Then add a second effect "Type Lighting" (left side) positioned above it in the list. Within that panel, there are options for either a ripple wave or one key only effect. You can have it do random color generation (really the 6 primary RGB blends) or between 1-2 alternating colors. For example, if you wanted a rainbow background but white type lighting, you would select some rainbow wave or spiral rainbow as the base layer, then add the type lighting effect. Change it to "type lighting key", then alternate colors between white and white again. Each key would individually light white against the rainbow.


iCUE has a top down hierarchy. Whatever effect is higher on the list takes priority. The trick to really complex lighting is how you layer it. It is also possible to do custom triggered waves or lights on key press, but it is more complex and more rules come into play.

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Thanks for the replies but i still cant get it correct


Just in case ill try and explain better what i need to acheive


Basically each and every key needs to be random so different from other keys (i understand that random means sometimes a few may look the same)


Doing as the suggestions above do not work as setting different effects to keys just mean that the keys are repeated all over the keyboard and they have different effects


so having the spiral or wave on each key but random colours is whats needed


again if i set each key up in the software with spiral rainbow they look as i want random

but as soon as i restart they all start as the same colour


This vid hopefully shows what the effect we are trying to achieve is like





Thanks again

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