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Connecting O11DXL Front Panel LED Strip to Commander Pro


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Setting up new rig and new to RGB. I've got all my fans and EKWB blocks figured out. Next up is trying to connect the front panel LED strip from my OX11DXL case to CoPro / LNP if possible.


The LED strip is connected to an onboard controller at the bottom of the case via a nonstandard RGB connection. The contoller has an aura connector and a sata power connector out for connection to the MB or in my case the CoPro / LNP.


I got a pirate tech adapter for the aura connector to the controller but now thinking I show connect to the strip directly somehow and bypass the onboard controller.


Onboard Controller:



Onboard Controller Closeup:



Case LED Strip Connector:



Many thanks in advance.

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I have the same case and solved plugging the RGB cable to the mobo's header and control it via AURA. You can set the software once and forget it.

That worked untill the last release of iCue... now they have implemented the Asus plugin into their software, even disabling the plugin I get a very annoyng effect from the led strip... I used to sync it with mobo's RGB with breathing effect, but at the start and at the end of every cycle, the case led strip goes rainbow for a while... so I set it to fixed red via the front button.


But your solution - if possible to do - would be better for sure.




Ps. how much are you satisfied with your case?

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