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HX1200i Japan missing velvet bag?


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Hi there,


I have this doubt about. I just purchased the HX1200i in Japan form a famous online store and the box came sealed in a nice plastic wrap.


But inside was missing the velvet bag that cover the power supply. I've searched unboxings online and looks like it should come with one.

But in the description of the box elements doesn't show.


I really don't care much about the velvet box but my concern is about if I have a product that is not new.

Althoug one of the interior round stickers that keep the box clossed was missing, there was another sticker sealing the brown cardboard box so I procede to open it...

There is clear signs that some things are wrong, but maybe the biggest is the missing velvet bag.


I would appreciate if someone else could confirm.


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Our PSUs have not had the felt bags for over a year now due to supplier issues. As for the seals being cut and new stickers placed over the old one that is due to rework. Essentially if we have to much of one region specific power supply and not enough of another we will rework the ones with an abundance and swap out the wall cables. Though if for whatever reason you are unsure of the quality of the product we would recommend you contact the retailer you purchased it from and proceed with a return/exchange.
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