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Correct routing of H115i Pro fans/pump to Commander Pro for new iCue?


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I just downloaded the newest version of iCue and I see in the settings there is now an easy setup for my Hydro X/H115i Pro?


When I go in the setup, the first question it asks me is which fan port the H115i pump is dedicated to, on the Commander Pro. How do I even do this, while retaining a fan/pump in to my motherboard so it doesn't freak out about no CPU fan being installed?


Should I just plug a random fan in to the CPU spot and work around it like that, using the "CPU fan" setting to really control that fan, or is there a better way?


I'd like to control everything through iCue if possible, it has just never really functioned "correctly" for me.


Here is my complete setup:


2x Noctua 120mm Front intake fans - Plugged in to Commander Pro Slots 1-2

1x Noctua 80mm Front intake fan - Plugged in to Commander Pro Slot 3


1x Corsair SL120 Exhaust Fan (Installed on 1080ti SC2 rad) - Connected to Commander Pro Slot 6


H115i Pump - Connected to "CPU Fan" header on motherboard.

2x Corsair ML120 Exhaust Fans (Installed on H115i) - Connected to 2 fan plugs on H115i pump


Is there a better order/way to connect everything to control through iCue?

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HydroX != H115i Pro. Two completely, totally different things. When you have a temp sensor connected to the CoPro, it'll offer to help set up HydroX. That's not necessary and you can tell it to go away.


So ... you're trying to use the HydroX setup wizard to configure the AIO. That isn't going to work and it's not going to make sense. HydroX is custom loop cooling.

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