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iCue crashing when Nvidia Overlay enabled.


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I know it has been said many times that iCue should be excluded in the Nvidia Control panel but that does not seem to be working. So I'll describe the problem and hope someone can provide definitive steps to resolve.


- Recently, last month or so, I noticed that iCue started showing the nVidia Overlay in it's systray popup window and main UI - this did not previously happen.


- I never had an Nvidia exclusion setup (for about a year) but now, for whatever reason iCue is upset by Nvidia Overlay or vice-versa. Even if I add the exlusion (maybe not doing it right) it still shows the overlay.


- If I launch a game, like pubg, iCue hard crashes. If I relaunch it, the game crashes. They will not co-exist.


- Disabling the Nvidia Overlay stops this from happening.


So, first, any idea why this has recently started being an issue? And second, since I'd like to run run the FPS overlay, how can I exclude iCue correctly - clear steps or screenshot would be appreciated?


edit: from what I can see after a few google searches, Nvidia needs to add an exclusion for iCue to the geforce experience settings. Wallpaper Engine developer had the same issue.

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