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Scimitar Pro scroll wheel rebind

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My Scimitar Pro mouse wheel broke today and I'm looking for a way to rebind scroll functionality to another button on the mouse. I have looked in the remaps in ICUE for a way to do this but I'm not finding the function.


I'm not even sure if this is possible but any help would be appreciated. Not being able to scroll is really limiting what games I'm currently able to play.

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Open CUE -> Scimitar Pro -> Actions Tab


Click + to create a new action. Change the drop down selector from Macro to "Remap Mouse Button".


Scroll up and Scroll down are both choices. You will need two actions - one for each. Then assign them to other working mouse buttons.

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They do not have this option in any version of ICUE. This is such a ridiculous thing to not have implemented already. I've seen posts in the forums about this dating as far back as 2015. They are completely aware of this, yet fail to implement such a simple feature in 2021.


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