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Vengence 5182 Never Ending Wifi Issues


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Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Corsair Vengence 5182(https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y16KZHM/) & have had nothing but wifi problems since day 1 wondering if anyone has any guidance or if I should ship it back?(not very satisfied with support for a $2k PC).


Support suggested reset the CMOS(they were kind enough to send me the incorrect troubleshooting instructions - for the Corsair One) & reset windows - Here's the thing - I'm not reseting Windows - this PC came new, if it needs a windows reset right out of the box I'll return it and get another brand that doesn't & I'm not taking the PC apart to reset the CMOS - again, I'll return it, I didn't pay for a prebuild to play PC-take-aparter simulation.


Eventually I fixed the WiFi by setting the driver to only connect to my 5Ghz channel. Things were working okay(still slow, my other devices see ~200Mbps) for a day until I got a second monitor Asus 245 - as soon as I plug the monitor into the PC my wifi speeds drop to 0(or if I'm lucky 1Mbps) as soon as I unplug it the PC goes right back up to 60Mbps(still slow but playable) - I'm skeptical anything is wrong with the monitor or the cables I'm using - plugging the same cables into my mac & another PC the WiFi works at normal speeds.


I've done the normal stuff I think(restart, cold start, unplug after starting, unplugging before starting, make sure all drivers are up to date, switch around the refresh rate to see if that helps, tried a few different cables) & still nada.


Any advice?

Thanks in advance

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