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Hello, I'm quite new and somewhat familiar with my keyboard, I was just wondering if there's a way to set it to delay on pressing certain keys for a fixed period of time? For EX: Lets say I wanted to press "E" then have it delay or wait for about 3 seconds, then press "R" after, is it possible for this keyboard? Or no?



On the second question. Is it possible to change how quickly or slowly the set macro keys at the left (G1-6) detects it being pressed? There seems to be a few milliseconds of delay from when I press it to type what I have set. Also when held down it just doesn't perform the macro until I let the key go. Pressing it multiple times in quick sessions seems to have some delay on having the macro effect work also.


Thank you! If there's any confusion please let me know on what I'm trying to get accomplished.

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