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[HELP] lighting up pressed key out of a group of keys


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What I'm looking at doing is to make which weapon I have selected in game to be lit up on the keyboard.

For example:

The weapons can be selected from 1-5, I want them to be lit up as default in white and turn red when I select a specific one.

Default setting would be since you always start with your primary weapon selected:

1 red - 2 white - 3 white - 4 white -5 white


Now if i want to select my secondary weapon it would become:

1 white - 2 red - 3 white -4 white - 5 white


I did it in the past with the original software, with ICUE I'm getting close but I do have to click twice to switch colors :(


I created a layer set with white as static color and created a second layer with solid red.

Start "on key pressed" with the "play on pressed key" option on and the Stop "on key press"

the result being that the key I press turns red, then when I press a different key the previous key will turn white, without turning the one that I pressed red. It only does it if I press it a second time.


My question is how to I manage to remove that extra press to switch colors?


Thanks for your help!


PS: what happened to creating groups of keys? It would make life way easier. It used to be an option in the previous software :confused:

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