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H110i Pro fans & Commander Pro : need advice


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I've installed my new 500D RGB SE case two days ago. Mine questions are relative to fans control (not RGB).


For now, all fans are connected to Commander Pro, like this:

- #1 to #3: front of 500D RGB SE case.

- #4 and #5: fans mounted on H110i cooling radiator (top of case).

- #6: rear of case.


Is this setting good or bad?


All six fans are Corsair ML120 (Pro RGB).


I mean: it will be better I'll connected AIO radiator fans on "Y splitter cable" (connected to AIO pump) instead?

If yes, can I let #4 and #5 unconnected on Commander Pro? (aka hole) --OR-- must I'll move rear fan from #6 to #4?


Many thanks in advance for useful advice.



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You should have the fans controlled by the AIO. That will allow them to be controlled based on the coolant temp whether iCUE is running or not.

And yes, with the fan PWM, you can leave a "hole"


Thanks so much DevBiker! :sigh!:


In fact - it was risky - I've experimented by myself (prior discover your - quick - reply here!), like this:


- I've connected the 2 fans on radiator --> Y cable on AIO pump. As your advice ;)

- I'm moved the USB 2.0 header cable (for AIO) from Commander Pro to a free one on motherboard.

- Having leave a "gap/hole" on Commander Pro (#1 to #3 used, #4 and #5 unused, #6 used). Confirming it's ok (all ML120 are PWM).

- The most important: no mod concerning AIO cable (already connected to "CPU FAN" on motherboard).


All working fine!


Thanks again, and greetings from Chartres, France!



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