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2nd Commander Pro - Same fan issues as before


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Hello everyone!


I'm from Brazil and I've bought a Commander Pro a year and a half ago, but that one started having problems controlling my fans. As you will see below, I'm only using Noctua fans. Most of them are of the 'Industrial PPC' variety (140mm are 2000RPM max and the one 120mm is 3000RPM max).

After a few months of usage, maybe some hard shutdowns (due to power surges/rain/etc), the Commander Pro stops controlling some of the fans. I don't know why, but it still shows in iCue, however with 0RPM and just doesn't spin.

I've tried removing the SATA power connector from the CP for a minute (with the system turned off), tried updating firmware (through iCue), updated iCue... Nothing solved the problem.


Then my sister came back from the USA (travelling) and I bought another Commander Pro through Amazon (US) - thinking the first one might have fried - and after 1 month, same thing is happening again. I've already 'lost' two ports and now I'm having to control the front fans (intake) with a Noctua fan splitter.


All the fans used and their orientation/specs are listed below. They're ALL PWM fans (4pin) and I have selected 4 pin in the Commander Pro settings in iCue. Is there anything else I can do to try and get those ports back? Once a port stops being able to control the fans, it never comes back, like it's gone for good. It detects the fan but it shows 0RPM and no fan profile change (even setting it to 100%) changes anything. Also, if I select Automatic in the Commander Pro, that fan disappears. The fans are working just fine, but the CP is giving me headaches.


I have invested a lot in the iCue ecossystem (have 12 Corsair RGB light strips, 6 connected through each LED channel in the CP, Corsair RAM, K68 Keyboard, etc.)



Please HELP! In Brazil, Commander Pros are relatively expensive and, even worse, not available for purchase at the moment. Should I try to open the device or take it to a technician do it? Even tho' I don't think it's a hardware problem...?





Ryzen 7 3800X

ASUS Crosshair VII Hero (not WiFi)

Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 (only using 1 140mm fan tho' - in the middle of the two heatsink 'towers')


2x 140mm NF-A14 Noctua Industrial PPC 3000RPM intake @ front

1x 140mm NF-A14 Noctua Industrial PPC 3000RPM @ NH-D15 (CPU cooler)

1x 120mm NF-F12 Noctua Industrial PPC 3000RPM exhaust @ back

1x 140mm Noctua NF-A15 (the cream/brown rounded one, 2nd fan that is included with NH-D15 CPU cooler) 1200RPM max exhaust @ top (back portion)

PSU: Corsair RM850i 850W 80+ Gold

Case: Corsair 400C


Software versions:

Commander Pro firmware v. 0.9.212

iCue version 3.25.60



For those wondering, I've returned the first Commander Pro that showed problems to the company I've bought it from, since it was still under warranty. However, they just said: "Yep, it's broken/not working as you described. Here's your money back." because they didn't have it in stock at the time. That's when I bought the 2nd Commander Pro through Amazon US.

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You don't need another Commander Pro. There is a known PWM compatibility problem specifically with the Industrial 3000 rpm version. I have used the 2000 rpm NF-F12 and A14 versions for years without issue, but not presently. I am using 3 Chromax NF-F12, but that is a different motor and more like the standard line.


Can you pin point which fans are causing the trouble?

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Hi! Thanks for the reply! I wasn't aware of this compatibility problem. So, the current ports that are having problems are 1 and 3 in the Commander Pro, although it doesn't seem to be a port problem, as you said.


I think all the times that I had trouble with it (the Commander Pro), were with the NF-A14 Industrial PPC 3000 RPM (I've edited the original post to name and correct some fans/ fan speeds).

The only different Fans I have in the system, as I've updated the original post, is a 120mm in the back (NF-F12 which is also Industrial PPC 3000RPM max) and the 140mm in the top as exhaust (NF-A15 1200RPM max - the extra fan that comes with the NH-D15).

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I am afraid there isn't a solution for the Industrial 3000 PWM issue, unless you are an electrical engineer and know how to make a relevant pull up/down circuit to stabilize the signal. I can't even be sure that is the exact nature of it and I have never heard of anyone building a relay to resolve this. We have had specific issues with the 3000 rpm model and just recently the 2000 rpm PWM industrials on Platinum (and presumably XT) AIO fan controllers. The other fans with reported PWM issues are the BeQuiet Silent Wings 2/3 series (PWM only) and the Vardar PWM models. Both of those are known to be a bit quirky. I have long wondered why the 3000 rpm Noctua is so beset with trouble while the 2000 rpm version does not, but you'll notice the motor specifications are quite different - more than you would expect.


If you do not run your 3000 rpm fans above 2000 rpm, then you are gaining anything from them versus the 2000 rpm version or most other fans. However, replacing three fans may not be as cost effective as changing fan controllers or finding another control solution. You'll need to see what is most cost effective for you.

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