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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE ICUE Issue


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So is this ever going to get fixed?


It's kind of crazy that such a high-end product could still have issues like this 4 months after launch.


I only have one headset, and now whenever I press mute on the headset it mutes once for each "headset" that shows up.


So when there are 2 or 4 headsets showing up it mutes and then unmutes immediately.


Can we please get basic issues like this fixed ASAP? This was a $400 headset for me, its ridiculous that basic issues like this still persist.





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I don't think Corsair will ever try to address all these issues properly.


I just had my run in with tech support and all they did was giving me already available uninstall / re-install / whatever instructions without ever wanting to collect system or driver logs in what is obviously an incompatibility with some hardware component or driver my PC has (which didn't happen on another computer). I have the feeling they either know what's wrong and are stalling or don't care enough about the amount of users actually having issues to seriously do something about it.


For me, I won't buy Corsair products again and I will eventually give this headset to someone who is lucky enough to not have any problems with it as looking at it and not being able to use it for what it's designed for only makes me angry.


I'm pretty disappointed in what I thought was a cool brand / company with nice products, but there's enough other choices...

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WTF? Get your act together Corsair!!!


Everyone I know with these headphones has this issue in addition to many others. Your high-end audio product is well built but the software sucks.


I only have 1 headset plugged in FYI.


Also last night during a zoom call my mic wasn't muted when the tip was red and it said "Microphone Off" !!!






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