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Hydro X detected (wrongly) / cannot upgrade H100i firmware


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Raplaced my broken Liqtech 240i AIO cooler with my backup H100i Platinum RGB.

Although my iCue shows the H100i in the overview, it seem to disturb my system.


Fan speed are struggling to update on the rest of the system, and I cannot upgrade the firmware on the H100i, it just hangs...


Also, for some strange reason iCue (3.24.52) now says that Hydro X is detected !? WHAT?


I do not have anything Hydro X installed.. If I try to "run the Hydro X wizard" (I did once), system is unable to read fans at all.. So uinstalled/reinstalled iCue.


I have been using the H100i previously before I got the Liqtech 240i, then it was working fine in iCue. Now it is not (although it is cooling the CPU).


Only difference now is that the cooler/AIO fans is connected via the Commander, since I did not want to start messing with recabling.



I have read that booting in Safe mode will not help you upgrade the firmware since drivers are not loaded.


What can I do to upgrade the fw of the H100i ? I suspect this is what is causing these issues.


Or what could be wrong?


Any advice would be appreciated.


Would upload some screenshots, but seem impossible unless I have them on some www/URL...

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forgot posting screenshots.
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What is your current firmware version on the Platinum? Is iCUE telling you to update? I would suggest you leave that alone. No good comes from forcing firmware updates and there are no critical updates.


Everyone with a Commander Pro gets the “do you want to run the Hydro X wizard” thing. Decline and it won’t ask again. I believe that is getting the axe next version.


“Fan speed is struggling to update on the rest of the system”? Can you elaborate? If you left the fans on the C-Pro, what is the control variable for the fan curve applied to the radiator fans?

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C-attack, thanks for your reply.


Current fw on H100i is 1.00.33.


Yes I know if something is not broken, don't fix it.


Problem is I suspect the H100i is the cause why rpm's on my fans are not updating anymore. And I was thinking maybe because of this a fw upgrade could help the Corsair-system work.


Will try to disconnect the H100i and see if my Commander then reports live rpm on fans again.

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There are some weird things with updating firmware on the Platinum coolers. There was a previously pulled firmware and I wasn't sure if that is where things got stuck. I don't have one, so won't comment further.


If the rad fans are on the Commander Pro, that device will be in control and the H100i Plat tab in CUE should have pump speed and either zeros or a blank slot for fans. You can use the fans on the C-Pro in the same way, but need to set the control variable to H100i Temp (coolant temperature). Click + to create a new custom curve. The same three presets from the AIO are in the upper right corner. You can use those or make your own, but change the sensor value. No reason to ever use CPU temp and the results will be irritating. The only problem with this is if CUE is not running, then no data transfers from cooler to C-Pro. The value then becomes null and the fans will either max out or possibly stay on the last known setting. If you end up staying with this config for a while, you might want to move the radiator fan cables (power only) back to the Platinum splitter.

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