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Harpoon RGB Wireless Receivers Dying

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I have a Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse and my first receiver died after a few weeks use (will not be detected at all on multiple PCs). Contacted support they gave the useless suggestion of updating firmware a few times but since the dongle doesn't detect it only updates the mouse firmware so the dongle is still broken. They finally shipped me a replacement receiver. Fast forward two weeks and bam the replacement receiver starts doing the exact same thing will not be detected at all on multiple PCs so I can't even try a force firmware update. I did update the firmware on the mouse and dongle as soon as I got the replacement and it worked fine for a while until it died so it wasn't like it was running an old version. I'm at a loss as to what to do are the receivers just defective or is there something I can do to reinstall drivers that may help? Uninstall / reinstall iCUE seems to do nothing. I'm a tech support rep for an ISP and I have to admit this whole experience has been frustrating beyond belief. My K63 Wireless Keyboard works flawlessly but this mouse has just had non stop issues since I got it. I should have just got the wired model but it's too late for that now I just have a much more expensive wireless mouse that only works wired.


I see a few other posts with the exact same issue and even some Amazon reviews of people have the same problem. Is there some kind of explanation that I could be missing besides the receivers just being very poor quality and Corsair not addressing it?

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Exactly the same issue started again receiver is not detected works fine when wired. Reboots. different usb ports. removing the mouse from Bluetooth and devices does nothing (this used to fix it temporarily). Not to mention the only way to update the receiver firmware for me is to boot into safe mode with network and use an ethernet connection to run iCUE. My mouse now works wired only no matter what I do receiver is not detected. I updated the firmware on it two weeks ago and it worked well for a while now totally non functional yet again. You've already sent me two replacement receivers (three total) and they start/stop working randomly as well. There's something seriously wrong with this receiver and/or the driver for it. I've contacted dozens of times with zero useful information they just tell me to do a firmware update which you CANT EVEN DO WHEN THE RECEIVER ISNT EVEN DETECTED. The amount of problems over the two years I've had it is unbelievable. I'm so beyond frustrated. Ironically the K63 Wireless keyboard and dongle have worked perfect from day one and even update in iCUE just fine. It's this Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse that makes me want to pull my hair out. How can a product have issues for so long and yet nothing is ever done about it? Edited by slickrasta
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