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DFI Nforce3 HELP.


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Im Having some problems with my twinx1024-3200c2pt rev3.1,on my new

DFI lanparty nforce3 board.


The only way I can get it to run stable is buy disabling cool and quite and running the command rate at 2T, which is slow.


I have done every config possible,voltage,timings,slots,bioses with no luck.


I called your guy's tech support a few days ago and talked to "Ray",

and he had me do a bunch of tests while we were on the phone.


To make a long story short, He told me to call DFI and see if they were working on a new bios to help my problem, and they reported back to me that they are not aware of such a problem and are not working on a bios to fix it.


They told me, they dont know what type of chips are on the REV 3.1,so they dont know where to start.


So, do any of you know what brand and model the chips are on a

Twinx1024-3200c2pt Rev3.1 2x512mb kit?


My config is:

Athlon64 3200 newcastle

Twinx1024-3200c2pt Rev3.1

Bfg 6800nu

Enermax EG465p power supply with 33a on the +12 rail.


I would also like to add that, I have tested both dimms each by themselves in each slot and they worked fine with cool and quite enabled and command rate 1T 2.6 volts.


Soon as I add the second dimm it will only run stable with cool and quite disabled and a command rate of 2T.


Ive also tried uping the voltage to 2.9 but it doesnt make a difference over 2.6 stability wise.

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That lot # info will help Ram Guy figure out which IC it has. I think it may have Infineon -5 ICs, not 100% sure.


OCing the memory won't void the warranty, as long as the memory voltage hasn't gone over 2.9 volts.

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