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Burned commander Pro.


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Powered up my computer after a dust off (canned air with esd band)

and a fait burn smell hit me.

Powered off and checked cables and all lokked good.

Powered on again and checkef icue and it did not show and of the four temp sensors installed.

Powered off again and checked rear of computer and did a smell check.

The command pro smelled burned so i removed it and opened it up and sure it was a burn mark on the circut bord.


Can any one see from the circut bord what went wrong (check picture).

From what i could tell from the shot monent i hade the computer on was that only the temp sensors was affected all other functions worked fine. Shot circut in a temp sensor?

Have has some small isdues before this when fans would dissapere and some ramp up alongside dissapering temp sensors. A restart of icue always fixed it though.

Any chans of other components taking damage?


I have ordered another commander pro so future will tell i quess :/


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