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Install LL120 in 570X


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I got the 570X case now for about 3 months. There are 3 SP120 fans installed in the front and I would like to add a LL120 fan in the back of the case.

Can I just buy the LL120 and put it in the back of the case or do I have to buy anything else to use it properly?

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assuming you are using the case buttons to control the RGB of your SP fans...


to add 1 LL fan isnt a cheap option as you can not just plug it in.. only SP RGB fans will work with those case buttons.


for reference


(Note. if its not the Mirror Black, just ignore the RGB case logos's)




you would be better buying a Triple LL120mm fan pack and a singular LL120m


with the Triple pack you would get a RGB Fan LED Hub and a Lighting Node Pro.


with those 2 items you would get control of those fans in iCUE. but for RGB only.


as said.. also read the RGB Faq



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