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Corsair 16 GB DDR4-3600-18 Kit running @ 1067 MHz (correct??)


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Hi everyone,


Great way to have a forum to ask a question instead of running around google trying all sort of solutions that may or may not work ^^


Hoping for your input in the following.


I bought a new system, and put it together. I've build PC's before, installed them, but when it comes to tweaking them, i'm not good.


The ram we bought (CMK16GX4M2D3600C18) is in my opinion not running at the correct clock speed?


I tried to run a benchmark program which said the following:

Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3600 C18 2x8GB

3,599 User benchmarks, average bench 87%

2 of 4 slots used

16GB DIMM DDR4 2133 MHz clocked @ 1067 MHz

Performing way below expectations (19th percentile)


When I look at similar benchmarks the clock speed is far higher.

What could the problem be?


We checked the placement in the user guide for the mobo, and this seems to be correct.


What we got:


Radeon 5700

Ryzen 3600X

Corsair 16 GB DDR4-3600-18 Kit


I hope someone can provide us with input, or a direction to look in. Thanks in advance !

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Those are I think JEDEC speeds. these are the defaults for DDR4.


In your BIOS you need to set the motherboard to use the XMP. This will allow the board to use the timing of the memory, I looked up MSI x570 Pro Carbon (had manual on hand) and its A-XMP, you can enable it or choose what matches your memory speeds.

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You could be on the standard JEDEC 2133 speed as suggested above. However, also be aware many programs will list that "default" speed as characteristic information regarding the module, not as an indication of the current frequency. The BIOS will tell you for sure. Usually.


If you are on the XMP 3600 setting and good there, I would not use something comparative like "19th percentile". For all you know the majority of people submitting there results are hot head overclockers who just spent three weeks trying to eek out 0.1% more on their benchmark. Read/Write/Copy/Latency tests are standard throughput metrics. There are some CPU/RAM heavy calculation programs you use as well to generate are more "real use" performance score. Most of the time, small memory tweaks make little difference in that regard.

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MSI boards you go into BIOS and go to the memory settings, set A-XMP to on and you will see the timings listed. Then go down and set the RAM Speed to 3600, I also set the clock to 1800 and the next memclk=fclk just to make sure you get the Infiniti Fabric and memory locked at 1800. You should not need those other two steps as I just do it so nothing funny happens by setting the Fabric slower for some reason, it should set to 1800 on its own. Personally I run my 3600 at 3800 and 1.4v with the Fabric 1:1:1 so it is set to 1900 so I make sure that happens by setting all three values.
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