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H100i Premium Edition and icue


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Dear Corsair programmers, hello, I am a loyal user of Corsair. On October 26, 2019, I upgraded ICue to 3.21.88. I found that the RGB color of my H100I Premium Edition water block is abnormal, I didn't care about resolving the problem directly after reinstalling the driver. As of February 1, 2020, I heard the sound of hardware unplugging on the system many times. I checked one by one and found that the water cooling head is not working properly. Yes, I tried all kinds of methods. It did n’t work. I called the customer service in the place where I purchased it and changed it to a new one. Today it arrived. I ca n’t wait to debug after installation. ICUE version 3.24.52 reminds me to update it. I did not hesitate to update, and then failed for the first time. I do n’t think it ’s okay. I continued to update. I failed 5 times in total. I plan to leave it alone. The water-cooled lamp goes out during the update and the wind speed is the highest. I later found that icue stopped working. I re-opened icue and found that it could not recognize the existence of water cooling. I restarted the computer and displayed a cpu fan error. I can guarantee that I did not miss any interfaces , I'm sure there is a problem with your software, I will submit RMA






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