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Epox 9NDA3 does not like my new TwinX....


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Hey gang,


Been a corsair fan for a long time. I just picked up a new Epox 9NDA3 board and so I went to the Ram chart to see what you recommended.


So I purchased the Corsair Twinx CMX512-3200C2. I already had some CMX 2700 512's. So that would give me 2 gigs total.


Well, I get the "C1" error on my Epox Mobo on every slot with the Twinx. But my old 2700 CMX memory works just fine. But only 2 of them.


I have an additional 2 sticks of CMX 2700 in my wifes PC, so I tries those....no go.


It seems all I can use is 2 x 512 CMX 2700, not the TwinX.


I have tried with all options in Bios (I think) and Epox tech support does not seem to address it anywhere in forums. Guess I am out $183.00 from Outpost.com


Robert Breedlove

Anchorage, AK

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First I would't recommend to mix different memory types, A64 cpu's are very picky about memory or are it the mobo's lol, can you boot with one dimm of the twinx ? Can you set up the ram with 2.8 volts and obtain 2-3-3-6 timings ?Did you memtest each dimm ? Also did you do a bios update ( bios of around february if my mind is still right ) for the Epox mobo ? I have installed one for my friend having stability issues aswell but a new bios exorcised all his demons
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